We focus on the technology more than anyone else in the industry

the most advanced, Feature rich, user friendly and flexible equipment in the world

Standard Features on all our digital equipment

4 power settings for use outdoors 

4 power settings for use indoors giving you max performance with no beam bounce

Range from 10m to 400m

2 Year Warranty on all laser taggers against defective parts. 

Servicing is performed in our UK workshop. 

Involves no setup before each game


Built in battery meter

Each unit will display the battery condition at the push of a button. Furthermore, the unit will emit an audible warning if the battery is getting low and needs charging

Referee Master Control Tagger

With the Referee Master Control Tagger it is possible to carry out numerous operations instantly at a distance right over the playing area and take away the need to employ numerous marshals to ensure safety and fair play. Any unit can be used as a Ref Gun and can quickly be reset as a player unit in an emergency where you need that extra tagger.

IFF Friend or Foe Detection System

Ability to turn off Friendly Fire. Great when you have a mixture of young and older players. Nothing irritates players more than being accidentally shot out by their own team mates.

Dual Zone

This means that you can run two games side by side on adjacent fields without the risk of accidentally shooting people involved in another game. Takes just seconds and is a must for the larger field operator.

Self Diagnostic

Eliminates the problem of a paying customer being issued with a unit that unknown to the field operator is not working properly. This can spoil the customers day and damage your fields reputation.

Tagger Recognition

Each unit has it's own unique player I.D. and during game play the taggers can recognise which player is hitting it. This is a great feature and enables players to scroll through and find out which and how many of the opposition has been hitting them

Tagger Cloning

This enables the field operator to set up just one of his units to the desired play function and then clone the rest of the taggers to an identical setting. This is performed over an infra-red link with no wires being required and takes just seconds.

Dual Colour Muzzle Flash

Useful if you are playing at night or in low light and need to be able to identify opposing players where regular team I.D., like armbands, may not be visible.

Combat Laser Games has obtained the CE marking for all of its outdoor/indoor laser tag equipment. Copies of our CE certification are available on client request. This certification helps set our equipment apart from our competitors. Our continual commitment to quality is unmatched in the industry.

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