The World's Most Advanced Target System

Target 360

One game accessory to rule them all… Experience 6 entire games full of fun, fire and ferocity, all found in one place, the Target 360 game box.

 Designed and manufactured in the UK with the latest new laser technology, and including 10 whole boxes in your order, its the game box that keeps on giving. Place them high or low, and watch the players scramble to win each brutal challenge.


Interactive Box

The more interactive the game play, the more real it feels…

The all-new Target 360 combines technology and fun to provide your budding soldiers peak interactivity. With speakers and LED responsive lights in each team’s colour, every game uses them differently. Shoot the targets and complete the LED circle to win Tug of war, or make them spin and flash to win at Domination. 

And even with our boxes jam packed with special features, the most you’ll have to do is switch it on…

6 Immersive gamemodes


Get all the points – as fast as you can. An intense battle of the quickest; teams are assigned targets with their team colour, and a set amount of points dictated by the number of LEDS on each target, fully adjustable to your time preferences.  A fiery battle hatched from a simple concept, so long as you can count to ten.

Tug of War

A tug of war, our style. Players must shoot the target box as much as possible until it lights up spinning in their team colour, and that’s not the end of it… Targets are placed sneakily across the site, so players must capture each target in order to win the overall tug of war. Number of shots are fully up to you…


Players should be on close look out for this one… When a target flashes yellow and a siren echoes, players must clear the target immediately. Make sure the target it isn’t flashing purple, that’s a hostage! Gauntlet is a fiery race against the clock to win the most amount of points, and will have their hearts racing too.


Dominate the game by simply shooting the targets… easier said than done. After shooting each target, it will light up in the teams colour. The target LEDs will start to count up the longer the team is in control of the target, and the objective is to capture and hold as many targets for the longest time. The winning teams colour will spin and flash, sorry losers.

Free for all

All targets are free for all, so make sure you get there first! First shot at the target will clear it, and most targets won wins the game. Play with teams or one on one for that extra fire.


Unlike the gameshow, there are no mathematical tasks besides counting down. Targets will randomly light up in a team’s colour with all LEDs lit. The LEDs will switch off one by one, giving the time remaining to shoot the target before it disappears. The quicker the shot, the more points collected, so no time to waste!