Quality equipment made in the uk

Laser Tag Guns

Solid, reliable, feature rich and completely addictive!

Just switch on and start the game

Simply switch on and you’re ready to go, no syncing headsets, no linking to base just get on with the games

Because of our robust software and equipment there’s almost no maintenance which means no downtime… and more games means more profit for you!

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The benefits of being hard wired!

A lot of research has gone into our equipment and ultimately we have built everything to be both amazing fun and completely reliable.

Everything is connected, so no missing headsets and no syncing every time you start a game, just pick them up and go.

Long battery life: There’s only one powerful battery located in the gun which is used for the headsets too, so you won’t have headsets running out of charge and disconnecting during a game, this also means the headsets can be lighter as they don’t require their own battery and bluetooth transmitter. Also being hard wired means you don’t need to charge any extra batteries.

…and kids will find a way to cheat!, take off your headset and you are immortal, it’s not fair but it will happen, though not with our kit as it is connected with a strong wire, if you are in any doubt, come along and test them out!

Combat Laser Games has obtained theĀ CE marking for all of its outdoor/indoor laser tag equipment. Copies of our CE certification are available on client request. This certification helps set our equipment apart from our competitors. Our continual commitment to quality is unmatched in the industry.

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