Quality equipment made in the uk

The Ultimate in Laser Tag Equipment

Fully tested in the field, robust and used worldwide

designed by operators for operators

5 year warranty on defective parts

Life-time warranty on gun bodies

Starting a laser tag venue?

Are you "on the fence" about starting a laser tag business?

Trust us when we say there is no better time to get started, the end of lockdown has everyone eager to get outdoors and play laser tag, our venue is reaching numbers never reached before, don’t miss out on all this potential business. Why wait? Order your laser tag equipment now to get your venue off to the best possible start.


Add the ultimate reality to your games with our electric shock add-on.

Give the adults some consequences to being hit, with a variety of settings, there’s even one to stop players hiding in one place too long!

As with all our products you simply plug in and start playing!

When buying laser tag equipment from us........

When buying our laser tag equipment there is no stress involved, all the equipment has:

so there is no setup required when you receive the equipment. We can also provide videos explaining how the settings can be changed to suit how you want your site to run, and any questions or requests we will be happy to help.

Easy as 1, 2...

Just switch on and start the game

Simply switch on and you’re ready to go, no syncing headsets, no linking to base just get on with the games

Because of our robust software and laser tag equipment there’s almost no maintenance which means no downtime… and more games means more profit for you!

Hard Wired vs Bluetooth equipment?

Do you want equipment that never goes wrong? takes minutes to setup? doesn’t break? and makes your laser tag venue as easy to run as possible? Well, you need hard-wired equipment from us, we have tested Bluetooth equipment; not only does it take an age to pair at the start of EVERY session, but, the chance of failure during the game is considerably higher.

We guarantee with our equipment that you will experience little to no failures during the game, a quick and easy setup before every game, and durable equipment that will run faultlessly all day long.

But don’t just listen to us, listen to the large number of venues that use our laser tag equipment.

built to last
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Laser Tag Guns

Our range of guns are all British made, designed by people who understand the logistics of running a Laser Tag business

You’ll also get a level of support that is unmatched in the industry – not that you’ll need it!

Laser Tag Accessories

Our Laser Tag Accessories are perfect for those who want to take their venue to the next level

With all of our tech, you simply switch on and start the game, no extensive setups needed!

Want to book a laser tag party with us?

A chance to use our amazing laser tag equipment!

Combat Laser Games has obtained theĀ CE marking for all of its outdoor/indoor laser tag equipment. Copies of our CE certification are available on client request. This certification helps set our equipment apart from our competitors. Our continual commitment to quality is unmatched in the industry.

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