Unlimited Possibilities

Game Boxes

Just like all the other kit, our game boxes are just as simple to setup. Hang or attach the boxes in place, switch them on, and it’s go-time…


Respawn Box

The respawn box gives players another chance in the game. Sensing when a player is near, the respawn box restores their ammo, armour and lives, fully-loaded and ready to jump back into combat.

Ammo Box

Players can top up their ammunition easily with the ammo box, unless you make it hard to reach.

The ammo box will automatically restock a player’s ammo through its integrated sensor, detecting when their headpiece is in its vicinity. Switch on the ammo box for games with limited ammunition, and watch the players scramble for more!

Mine Box

The mine box; keep your distance or experience some serious damage. If a player steps within the mine’s vicinity, it will explode the players health severely! Place the mine box in some sneaky spots to add some fear and fire into the game.

Red & Blue Flag

Capture the flag, a laser tag staple, but our version. Teams must trek to enemy base and “capture” their coloured flag. Technology integrated within the flag boxes cause the player’s head sensor to flash, alerting the enemies. Return the flag to base or die and start all over again!