Well look no further, you’ve come to the right place.


It’s a Saturday morning and you have a full site booked, which must mean hours of setup right? Not with Combat Laser equipment. All of our kit has the latest ‘rock solid’ embedded firmware with exciting and engaging games built in, and it’s hard-wired meaning you simply plug and play without any of the normal bluetooth pairing, or weak wifi issues.

The world's best Laser Tag Guns

Not only do our guns have a bundle of exciting game-play settings as standard, they are also made from a super lightweight weapons-grade polymer, so you can be confident in running thrilling parties with guns even the clumsiest of kids can’t break.

To go with these amazing guns, we needed equally amazing accessories.

From years of running our own outdoor forest laser tag centre, we knew exactly what the players wanted, so we created a way of bringing video games to life with our unique accessories such as the unbeatable ‘Domination Box’ & super engaging ‘Game Boxes’ to provide players with hours and hours of fun. 

"It's like Fortnite...

but for real!"

Tazer Tag - Yep, that’s right...

A real electric shock tazer accessory that introduces the fear factor into the game, it’s the most electrifying outdoor game you’ll ever experience!

Tazer Tag guns can be used in combination with our standard guns so you can join in with the normal game play, but beware… once they know you’re Tazered-up, they’ll be hunting you down.

We’ve designed our guns and accessories to be the best, we build them ourselves in the UK, and we use them week-in week-out – they are 100% the most reliable and exciting game-play weapons available on the market today. Perfect for all laser tag sites and any outdoor adventure sports!

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