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Make the laser tag experience feel real

A perfect opportunity for players to get the own back on the parents in the game

Completely hygienic - each player gets their own shock pad

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You own a laser tag venue, or have the potential to start one? Then Hyper Shock is exactly what you need, the rapidly growing Hyper Shock accessory is only purchasable from us and only compatible with our laser tag equipment. BUT… it is a game-changer and is the future of laser tag, so don’t get left behind and contact us today!

Hyper Shock, the shockingly exciting & totally immersive new game-play accessory.

Hyper Shock is the perfect way to take your laser tag venue to the next level, adding that missing element of fear into every player’s mission.

Every participating player is supplied with their own, reusable, hygeinic electric shock pads, which are simply plugged into the head sensor. The reusable electric shock pads are fixed to the player’s back, ready for action.
Each direct hit to the player results in an electric shock direct to the player’s body, which although safe, is pretty ‘shocking’!!!

As with all Combat Laser equipment, Hyper Shock is simply a plug in a play option. There’s no set up required, no down time – just a great new upsell and revenue creator.

Whether it’s team building, stag and hen dos, or just kids who want to get their own back on their parents… Hyper Shock is the ultimate way to get adults involved and enjoying laser tag.

Zero contamination!
Hyper Shock Pads are supplied in pairs to each player, which they own and can then use next time they play – ensuring the safest and most hygienic environment.

No need to have any bulky accessories strapped to your body, in fact you wonโ€™t even know you’re geared up until you’re hit!

Take Stag Do’s to the next level.

Here is what our customers have to say

So. I started booking here for my sons 6th birthday, the kids had an AMAZING time, but I actually think the adults partipating actually enjoyed it more than the kids ๐Ÿ™‚

The new shock system they have wires up the player (adults only not electrecuting 6 year olds…shame…) and when “shot” they receive a shock. I have never laughed so much watching these grown men shake with shock which of course the kids thrived on targeting. Tbh quite enjoyed electrocuting the husband. Little things. Its really unusual to find a venue where all ages can enjoy together. The kids loved having their parents with, mainly to shoot them, but also just to have fun. We will be arranging an adults only session for our friends birthday soon and recommending for an upcoming stag party. For the adults it makes it far more realistic, pain free and easy to see when youve been hit. Laughs all round.

Hyper Shock – takes paintballing to a new level.
Played laser tag for a mates 40th with an electric shock each time you are shot. never laughed (and screamed) so much. the shocks are tame to begin with, then you start to sweat and the shock increases slightly. You can opt to take them off if it gets too much but i would recommend this to everyone looking for an absolute blast.
Much better than paintballing as you dont have to wear a face mask that mists up and you arent tempted to go into Rambo mode, shoot everything that moves and then have to fork out on more paintballs after. The marshalls even get involved and put twists into the game which you dont realise until you get an unexpected shock from being shot by your own team mate. I will definitely be doing this again, not only to get my revenge on some but it was absolutely brilliant fun. Totally recommended

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