Laser Tag Game Boxes

Our selection of game boxes which all require no setup, simply turn on and play.

No Setup

No maintenance

No waiting around

Like all off our laser tag equipment, the game boxes are just as simple to setup – you simply switch on the game box and then place them where you like and they are ready to go, there really isn’t anything else to it!

Ammo Box

The ammo box is used to re supply players ammo during the game, the boxes sensor will detect when a player is in the vicinity and restock their ammo. This box can be great for games where players have limited amount of ammo!

Medic Box

The medic box replicates a real life medic, as players have a time limit to find the box after being shot, this only works 1 time per player, and you can decide how much health it restores. This gives laser tag a very life like feel to the game.

Red & Blue Flag

The Red and Blue flag boxes are perfect for Capture the flag game modes, the player has to get into the enemy base, run up to the box which gives them the flag to try and return to there base, more than 1 player can grab the flag at once. The flag carriers head sensor will start to flash informing the enemies who the carrier is, and when the player dies they lose the flag.

Target Box

The target box is commonly used as target practise for laser tag players, however can be made into the game where players have to get into enemy base and shoot the target box. 

Respawn Box

The respawn box is a great accessory for games to restore players of all there lives, ammo and armour. The box can be set to give players a set number or unlimited of respawns. This box does not require the player to do anything, it will sense when the player is near and restore their life. 

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