The ultimate end game

Based on the Call of Duty game, the aim is to secure domination by shooting into the box and then hold of the enemy players. This game gets everyone involved and requires minimal setup, making it perfect for large parties.

Play up to 4 teams at once

Latest technology

Interactive speaker

No Setup

No maintenance

No waiting around

The domination box is the perfect accessory to get every player involved in the game.
Using the latest technology the tube will change colour to indicate which team is in control of the box. The colour will start to rise depending on how long each team has control of the box. To take control of the box players must shoot down the top of the tube to take control.


With interactive speakers, the domination box will inform everyone when a team wins.
The box is self-timed and does all the work for you, meaning you can play a large game of laser tag without needing lots of staff around. Easy to setup and low maintenance so you can turn on and play without a massive amount of setup.

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