Laser Tag Equipment



When buying laser tag equipment from us,

all the equipment has:

Full Charge

Scope Zeroed

All the settings programmed in

No subscription fees for any equipment or technology

5 year warranty on defective parts

Life-time warranty on gun bodies

The only gun you will ever need

The Perfect End Game

The Electrifying Accessory

The world's most advanced target system

Add a touch of colour to your site

Coloured Laser Tag Guns

Unlimited Possibilities

Game Boxes

Want to open a laser tag venue?

But not sure where to start?

Starting a new business venture can always be scary, but luckily for you… we have been running a very successful laser tag venue in Kent for years – with our equipment and following our guides it takes all the uncertainty away.

Easy as

Just switch on and start the game

Simply switch on and you’re ready to go, no syncing headsets, no linking to base just get on with the games.

Because of our robust software and laser tag equipment there’s almost no maintenance which means no downtime… and more games means more profit for you!

Hard Wired vs Bluetooth equipment?

Do you want equipment that...

Do you want equipment that ... never goes wrong? doesn’t break? takes minutes to setup? makes your laser tag venue as easy to run as possible?

Well, you need hard-wired equipment from us, we have tested Bluetooth equipment; not only does it take an age to pair at the start of EVERY session, but, the chance of failure during the game is considerably higher. We guarantee with our equipment that you will experience little to no failures during the game, a quick and easy setup before every game, and durable equipment that will run faultlessly all day long. But don’t just listen to us, listen to the large number of venues that use our laser tag equipment.

Want to book a laser tag party with us?

A chance to use our amazing laser tag equipment!